Alexander Wells

Music Producer & Sound Post-production

Music Production & Composition

Good Mornin'

Music Producer / Sound Design & Mixing

This was a promotional piece to raise awareness of an issue that is severely under-represented and close to our directors heart. We wanted to shock the audience, so the re-make of "Good Mornin'" but with a dark twist felt perfect.

Natwest - We Can Do This

Music Composer / Music Producer / Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

I was asked by Pretzel Films to try my hand at creating a more classical and filmic score for this piece. I created what is quite a simple, but emotive piece that I believe fits the film and follows the mood and key moments. The sound design involved re-creating all poolside sounds. My soundtrack won Highly Commended at the 2017 EVCOM awards.

Hobbie Stuart

Music Producer / Co-writer / Director

I've been working with Hobbie Stuart since we were both in school together back in Brighton. He's now a successful Youtube musician. We've written lots of songs together, made countless covers, and shot loads of videos together. Head over to his youtube channel; anything that isn't a vlog is probably a bit of my handiwork.

Jourdan Dunn - Elle

Music Composer / Music Producer

I was asked to create a high tempo, rocky piece by my good friends at House Of Noise for Elle.

Only Child (short film)

Music Producer

One of the many films that I have produced the music alongside excellent composer Dan Baboulene. This film was nominated for a Welsh Bafta! We recorded all the strings in my house, and the result is a huge orchestral sound that we're very proud of.

Gabriella / Velvetghost

Music Producer / Occasional director

Gabriella is a very popular Youtuber known for her vlogs. Hobbie introduced us as Gabby wanted to start uploading some music to her channel. She's an excellent singer and lovely to work with, and its extremely fun making music that sounds anything like Disney.

Sound Design & Mixing

Edwardian Hotels

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

I was hired by Pretzel Films to add some subtle atmosphere and effects to make this wonderful film even more immersive and dreamy. I believe there were something like 14 films in total, so there were a few late nights involved.

Valuing Nature - WWF

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

Pretzel Films brought me this lovely animation and asked me to do my thing. I mixed the dialogue and added a plethora of fun sounds to bring it all to life.

Faces - RBS

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

Michael Ferns teases out some wonderful stories in this short that focuses on the people behind the firm that is RBS. Produced by Pretzel Films.

A-LU-MIN-UM | Bud Light

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

A fun ad introducing Bud Light to the UK. A piece produced by Pretzel Films and directed by Michael J. Ferns.

The Listener (short film) - Listeners Project

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

A collaboration with director Maya Avidov for the Listeners Project. We spent one evening in a multi storey car park kicking a football around. I don't think we ever used the sounds.

Cisco - Rail Wifi

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

This project with Pretzel Films involved re-creating all the atmosphere of being inside a sometimes crowded, sometimes serene train. There was a fair bit of fun DIY foley done, as well as syncing up the music and dialogue.